Our Best Destinations for Beginners

Emerald Isle

Location: North Carolina

Are you a beginner? If so, this is one of the best destinations for you because of several factors. It has a gentle slope. It is sparsely populated. There is plenty of room for you to try skimboarding without interference from others.

Skaket Beach

Location: Massachusetts

This beach is perfect for beginners since you have long stretches of shallow water with gentle waves. The best thing about Skaket Beach is that you can take your kids for skimboarding here. It is safe. Just sit on the beach and relax while watching them have fun in safe and shallow water. The beautiful sunset and the wide variety of marine life in the tidal pools are a bonus.

Dewey Beach

Location: Delaware

This is one of the best beaches in Delaware. Many skimboarding competitions are held every year on this beach. It hosted the world championship in the year 2017.

St. George

Location: Utah

This is one of the best spots because of its great sand. Most people are surprised to hear that there is a skim spot in Utah, where there are no beaches. The unique thing about St. George is that it is a river skimboarding place. The weather remains the same all year around and you can have fun, whenever you go.

  • Get in the Proper Position for Your First Skimboarding attempts
    Hold the board in front of you with one hand on the tail and one hand on the side. In order to skimboard along the flat sand, wait until just after a wave rolls out to begin your run. Once your running reaches full speed, drop the board flat on the wet sand, directly in front of you, and get on the board.
  • Run Onto the Board
    Don't jump onto the board, just run onto it with your front leg landing in the middle, followed by your back foot. The key here is to gradually add your body weight to the board, one foot at a time.
Helen Brook
Trainer at Board Classes Studio

We share our love for skimboarding with our clients because it changed our lives. A key element to enjoy skimboarding and to progress is to maximize your chances by choosing waves suitable for your skill level. We take you to the best and safest skimboarding spots appropriate for you. We only operate in the best skimboarding locations in the USA.

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